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Tabbed by


(main riff)


Blues Music (2)

Tabbed by David Piniella 

e|-----------------------| [ In this section, the note(s) in the          ]
B|------------------8----| [ parenthesis () are alternated randomly,      ]
G|------(4)(5)-----7-----| [ with G. Love sometimes playing the B and     ]
D|----5-----------6------| [ sometimes playing the C, to my ear it sounds ]
A|--6------------7-------| [ better with the C when playing alone, but    ]
E|-----------------------| [ the B sounds better when playing with the CD.]
notes:   B  C              [ Emphasize the high notes in the E7#9 chord.  ]


e|-------------------|    [ This is mainly just him sliding the chords   ]  
B|-------------------|    [ around. Listen to the CD to catch the rhythm ]
G|--5/7-7--7---------|    [ and use a clean sound and play it clean, not ]
D|--4/6-6--6--4-6-7--|    [ sloppy, although sloppy can be good for most ]
A|--5/7-7--7--4-5-6--|    [ of the other stuff that he plays.            ]