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Tabbed by David Piniella 


   intro              verse           verse fill   bridge         outro

intro: slide into the open D from around the 10th fret on the D string.

verse: sloppy is good here--remember this is about a lazy little love
affair and play it with your eyes closed, and hit strings that aren't written

fill: pick the 5th fret and bend it up a full step, release it, and then pull-off
to the 3rd and play the D (5th/A) staccato

bridge: this part is near the end, and I don't know what else to call it,
except a's a free strum, changing the chords every so often ...also,
in the last verse, these become sort of fills, strummed freely in between the
little verse lick.

outro: drone the open D when you bend that E, and do the same type of
bend as before, then play the 10th fret double steps and the first chord in the
bridge section.


Garbage Man bass tab

G|-------------7--|-------7--7~7--| [this is the skin and bones for it,       ]
D|----------------|---------------| [just add vibrato to that high D, and     ]
A|--5-5---5-5-----|--5-5----------| [stay in the groove--change it around     ]
E|----------------|---------------| [and add some of your own notes and fills ]
                                    [as long as you stay within the chord     ]
                                    [ (D7#9) and in the groove.               ]
                                    [  D7#9 = D F# A E F                      ]