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When We Meet Againby G. Love and the Special Sauce


From their album 'Yeah, It's That Easy'


Tabbed by sebas 


<'When We Meet Again' is a strange song, because he doesn't play whole chords.
He only plays parts of chords. The bass line is most important thing, don't let the
chord names mislead you; it's actually quite easy to play.
when I play it like this it sounds really nice, so here it is.

first the chords used:

D xx023x
D xx0232
D/C# x4023x
Bm#5 x2003x
D/A x0023x
C x3201x
Csus2/B (G) x2001x
Am7   (C/A) x0201x
G 320003
G 3200xx
Gsus2/F# 2000xx
G6-5sus4 3x2013
G (end) 3554xx

G. Love - When we meet again


D D/C# Bm#5 D/A    C Csus2/B C/A G

verse 1

D    D/C      Bm#5 D/A
Springtime is here, and the wind from the south

C Csus2/B Am7 G (repeat chords)
Blows strong and warm, to clean out your house

The sun has arisen and the lies that were told
are driven outside with the freezing cold

I can remember a spring just like this
I was 19 years old, now the time is sorely missed
The first year that I left my mother's house
Out to make my way in this world somehow  (G)

chorus  (harp solo)
play 3 times

riff: C Csus2/B  Gsus2/F#  G


verse 2

I can't believe how the times they have changed
All the dreams that came through still seem so far away
I remember the day sittin' on the front porch
With the sun beatin' down in my neighborhood
I'd sit out all night singin' songs to the moon
Or try and get some sweet honey back to my bedroom


verse 3

My friends they were few but to me they were true
All we was trying to do was just make it thru
Always thought for the future, but we shouldn't have cared
all the best things in life we shared them right there


third time play:

riff   C Csus2/B Am7 D G

riff C Csus2/B Gsus2/F# G

intro  2x

verse 4
So to all those old friends God be with them
I wish, I wish I could see you again
In the same corner bar where it all started from
Dig your plow so deep now the stars have all gone

So wherever they shine may it be warm and bright
Out to ease my mind on this worried night
It all seemed so simple and good tidings I send
I'll never forget that one year that we spent


third time play (outro):

riff C Csus2/B Am7 D G G6-5sus4 G G(end)