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Tabbed by Joel Goulden

Don’t hold this against me I'm tabbing it at work w/o a guitar or the 
music so... If anyone knows all the words or the solo, or anything that’s 
wrong here please feel free to add. I think the order is right but not 
sure around verse 3, the solo, and bridge as I cant listen to the song right now.


G   Bm   C   D              end with a rundown from C to G

0   2    0   2                 0   x   x   0
3   3    1   3                 1   x   x   3
0   4    0   2                 0   x   x   0
0   4    2   0                 2   x   x   0
2   2    3   0                 3   2   0   2
3   2    0   0                 0   x   x   3

Verse 1

G             Bm                 C               D
Ive Collected all my things, and put them all in boxes 

G               Bm                 C               D
Ill pay off all my dues, I don’t care what the cost is 

G               Bm                   C (run down to G)
For actin like,  for actin like a fool.

Verse 2

G            Bm         C             D
From another city I was lookin at the changes

G              Bm               C                          G
Everything still looks the same but its me that stays the strangest 

G            Bm              C                  D
What am I suppose to do when Im head to toe in lies

G             Bm                   C         D
In a broken city with the night so long and high???(don’t know those words there)


G             Bm          C         D
When Im actin like, actin like a fool

G              Bm              C            D
I know I might, have said some things to you

G              Bm                  C           D
You Know I try, but still I play the fool 

G               Bm                 C (run down to G)
When Im actin like, actin like a fool

(solo- don’t know it, feel free to add)

Verse 3- same as other two, (not sure of lyrics, starts with I'm headin' for a plane)


Em                  G                C                 G
I turn my head and I look behind but the moments put to rest 

Em                  G                C                G
Everything that you said to me has sunk in to my chest


End on run down from C-G